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Women's emPOWERment Clinic

It’s a fact, men are physiologically stronger than women, but how can empowerment enhance your physical capabilities? Now I don’t want to be the one to point out the obvious, but I think everyone can agree that there is nothing stronger than a determined, confident woman. Except one thing; a room full of them.

I am challenging my friends, family, and strangers alike to join me at East Shore Gym’s first ever women’s only powerlifting clinic. I will be the first to attest that I have hit some of my best lifts with a male figure screaming in my ear, but nothing makes me happier than hitting a new personal best alongside my sister, mother, and other women training partners.

Play along for a moment. Grab a piece of paper, something to write with and a calculator. On the top of that paper write your age and wieght. Using the chart below, what would you need to bench press to be considered fair, average, good, or excellent based on your age and body weight. Whatever you do next, don’t stop reading.

Now some of you may be confused as to why I asked you to calculate each of these numbers. Why would I ask a group of women that I want to bring together, encourage, and empower to calculate numbers based on norms? Don’t give up in fear of the numbers in front of you, because I refuse to let anyone be just excellent. I want you to look at those numbers and now take your bodyweight and multiply it by 1.00. That’s right, 100% of your weight. Depending on your age, this could be up to 45% more than excellent and unrealistic, but bear with me. Benching my body weight was my 6 month goal, and with the help of some empowering women, I surpassed that goal in about 5 months.

I am a woman, about to admit her weight on the internet. When I broke the NYS 100%RAW Junior Bench Press record, I was 118lbs, putting me in the 121 weight class. As of Novemeber of 2016 my personal best was 115lbs, but I only pushed 105lbs on the day of the competition to break the record. Today, not even 6 months after competing in my first powerlifting competition, I weigh 136lbs with a personal record of 145lbs on the bench press. Thats right, I gained 18lbs in just over 18 weeks; actually, I gained 27lbs in about 12 weeks, but we wont mention every number I have hit along the way since November. My goals changed, my diet was a mess, and my training was mediocre. Wherever you may be in your fitness journey (even if you havent put your toe on the start line), no matter what your experience in weightlifting, I challenge you to join East Shore Gym and myself to experience empowerment through physical strength. Come learn tips, techniques, and safe lifting practices to either improve your bench press, or max out for the first time in your life, but most importantly, come encourage and empower other women!

Now look back at that little piece of paper I had you write all those ridiculous numbers on? Look at that again for me. Circle your body weight. Cirlcle the amount of weight that gets out of bed every morning, provides for her family, goes to school, participates in community service, etc. Everyday, your body is capable of moving and substaining that number right there; isnt that amazing?!

I promise, everyone who attends this clinic will bench their bodyweight. I can make this promise because I will personally bench press the difference between whatever weight you push, and your bodyweight. That’s right, I will bench alongside every woman that will allow me to be the other half of potentially the most empowering thing they have ever done. For some, I may only need 5 pound dumbbells, and for others I may need to bench press my own personal best, but no matter what the difference may be, I promise that together we can lift more.


May 28th, 10am to 12pm


East Shore Gym 24/7


Members $9

Non-members $12

All ages are welcome!

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